How To Get a GirlFriend – 5 Tips T have a good relationship


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March 19, 2020

Finding love, what a hassle…  Have you looked around Tinder and you constantly come across the profile of Serge/Gisèle who strangely always asks you to meet up after midnight? Have your friends already introduced you to all their single friends (even the ones who really don’t smell good and who only talk about their cats)? Would you really just like to meet someone?  We went to meet a love coach for you.

So follow our advice


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It’s primordial. The first step to take. Well, it’s true that it’s hard to imagine moving your ball alone in a nightclub, or even hoping to meet someone at the cinema (well yes, it’s dark and we can’t talk). Think strategic!  If you like sport or cooking, why not sign up for an initiation or workshop? Why not sit down alone in a small tavern or a new little restaurant to have a bite to eat, with a small magazine in hand? 

In short, you overcome the stress of being alone and thus considerably increase your chances of being approached. And why not at the same time launch into an activity for which you couldn’t find anyone? Skydiving? Squash? Pottery?

TIP  : Create a “Single Channel”; Ask a single friend to meet a single person he/she knows. One thing leads to another, you might be able to fill Forest National!

Pssst… They whisper to us that at the Nordic Walking Initiations, there are a lot of single people. 


What a modern puzzle! Men are tired of being repeatedly attacked, and women don’t dare because “it doesn’t happen.” Yes but why ? So, here too, we are leaving our comfort zone, even if we are still careful not to rush the person by decoding the non-verbal, to avoid making them want to call the police… 

TIP  : If you see, for example, a person on a terrace, exchange glances and smiles, but you still don’t dare to go there, here’s a tip from a friend of our Love coach: at the moment of leave the place, why not slip your number to the person and say “if you also think we have things to talk about, here is my number”. If no response, it’s settled, we don’t talk about it anymore. If answer, maybe it’s bingo… 


(No, not in heaven, that’s a bit condescending!)

We disconnect our gaze from the smartphone and look around us. As our Love-coach says, the first gateway to a relationship is an open face. Non-verbal communication is of paramount importance to increase your chances of meeting someone in real life and capturing the attention of the handsome Brad/the beautiful Britney on the terrace next door.

TIP  : look around in local shops. As Geneviève Forêt says, small supermarkets are teeming with single people. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet true love in the frozen food section (and you’ll smile stupidly in front of duchess apples for the rest of your life, too).


We all hope for “the spark”, also called instant seduction. It happens yes, researchers in love psychology say it: 50% of people will feel it one day. But there is a BUT: at the start of said spark, only 8% of encounters lead to a lasting couple. For what ? Firstly because this spark is not always reciprocal, and then because we are often overtaken by reality.

Nice face yes, but if it turns out he/she hates Friends and saperlipopette wafers… a guarantee of incompatibility for you! 

We therefore give the person we meet a chance, even if lightning has not struck.

TIP  : When you meet someone, ask yourself this question (We were offered a watered-down version but we prefer the trashy version): “Would it bother me if this person put their tongue in my mouth?”  » If there is repulsion, we let it go. If you didn’t throw up a little in your mouth when you asked it, wait a little longer before ghosting the person. 


The peacock cartwheels, the deer act beautiful… we too, make a love display!   No, we’re not talking about sticking your feathers all over you and shouting “Leoooo” in the street. But to seduce, you also have to feel seductive. When you look in the mirror, look good.

TIP  : Get in the mood and condition before going on a first date or going out in the hope of meeting someone. Why not listen to music that puts you in the mood? A little Barry White, a Joe Cooker, a Beyonce? Songs that make you want to say  “little face of love” in front of the mirror. Everyone has their own music, if it’s the “Little Foam Man” that excites you, we  ’re not here to judge.

If it’s an “outside meeting” rating, it’s not really a win-win for you, good news: Geneviève Foret regularly organizes events aimed ONLY at singles  ! No risk of meeting married people, confidentiality and good atmosphere guaranteed! We tell you more here .

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